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Frank Vitale, MA

National Director of the Pharmacy Partnership for Tobacco Cessation

Frank Vitale has worked in the field of smoking cessation research since 1987, first as a Health Educator, then as Clinic Coordinator for the Lung Health Study, researching the differential effects of smoking cessation and an inhaled medication (Atrovent) on the prevention of COPD in identified high risk individuals. He counseled over one thousand individuals by phone for the Smoke Free Challenge, a smoking cessation program run by the Health Education Center of Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania and contributed to the information packets sent to program participants. He contributed content material for the smoking cessation manuals that accompany the Nicoderm CQ patches in the U.S., Brazil, Mexico and China. In all, he has counseled well over eight thousand people attempting to quit smoking.

Frank is currently the National Director of the Pharmacy Partnership for Tobacco Cessation, a project developed under the auspices of The Smoking Cessation Leadership Center of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The partnership is dedicated to creating and disseminating tools and trainings to help pharmacists become involved in cessation counseling with all patients who use tobacco. Recently Frank helped to design and disseminate a version of the Rx for Change cessation curriculum to over 400 respiratory care programs throughout the country.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The IGLC/SCLC Grant Program

Dr. Stephen Schroeder from the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center introduces recent grantees to describe the structure and purpose of the Independent Grants for Learning and Change grant program in tobacco dependence treatment and highlight learnings from the projects.