Conference Overview

The 26th annual Nicotine Dependence Center conference will explore the continuum of risk of cigarettes, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and approved pharmacotherapies for treating tobacco use disorder.  The conference will work to answer:

  • What do we know about  the relative health risks of cigarettes, other tobacco products, and vaping devices?
  • What is the role and relative effectiveness of e-cigarettes compared with approved medications for addressing tobacco dependence?
  • How do e-cigarettes and new tobacco products threaten public health as gateways into nicotine addiction for young people?

Highlights of the conference include:

  • Cutting-edge information on FDA approved medications for treating tobacco dependence.
  • Updates on current prevalence trends and the regulatory landscape for treatment of patients.
  • Opportunities to network and share professional perspectives on the impact of current changes in the clinical practice.

May 20-21 2019,
in Rochester, MN

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