Conference Overview

The 25th annual Nicotine Dependence Center conference will explore tobacco use over the lifespan, and present intervention models designed for different points of intersection between the patient and the health care system.

Tobacco use disorder frequently begins as a pediatric addiction and can have individualized patterns of use that evolve over a life time.  It will affect health in various ways through the aging process.  Different life events like pregnancy, emerging mental health or addiction problems, illness or trauma can impact tobacco use, and different points of intersection with the health care system can provide unique opportunities for effective interventions.  The conference will provide expert content, and opportunity to discuss models that can be integrated into health care to meet the needs of patients at different life stages.

In addition, we will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Nicotine Dependence Center.  We’ll commemorate that history with a reception, sharing, and entertainment.

On this website, you can find videos and presentations from the conference we held in 2017.

May 21-22 2018,
in Rochester, MN

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